Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sanitary ware industry in India

Sanitary Ware
Sanitary ware industry in India

Though most of India’s population resides in the rural areas, the number of people residing migrating to urban areas is slowly increasing. It is estimated that around 27% of the total population of the country reside in the urban cities and metros. However, a distressing fact is that the entire population does not have easy access to proper sanitation. Shared toilets still are present in many localities. As per the government records, around 50 % of the urban population do not have proper sanitation facilities. The situation is even worse in rural areas where only 6% of the total population have some access to sanitation facility.

Growth of sanitary ware industry

Not with standing the gloomy picture of the sanitary facilities in the country, the sanitary ware industry is growing at a great pace and has expanded its market to great extents in the past five-six years. A lot of companies have entered the market scene, each trying to introduce a novel product, thereby capturing the market. As the demand for sanitary ware products grow, these companies have intensified their production operations. A fact to note is that the growth of the sanitary ware industry is directly dependant on the growth and development of the real estate industry.

In India, the net worth of sanitary ware industry is pegged at around 500 crores and shows a yearly growth rate of 3%-4%. There are many major players in the market, of which Johnson sanitary ware is a trusted name. Johnson sanitary ware is an offering from H & R Johnson which has its presence felt all over the world. Johnson sanitary ware produces a range of bathroom products suiting every budget. They have the affordable bathroom fittings for the budget spender as well as some expensive, luxurious pieces for those who want to create a dream bathroom.

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