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Thursday, December 1, 2011

H&R Johnson to invest Rs. 400 crore in two years

H&R Johnson
Vijay Aggarwal, Managing Director

Ceramic tile maker, H&R Johnson (India), which has entered the bath fittings and kitchen cabinets segment, plans to invest nearly Rs. 400 crore in the next two years for expanding its various businesses. The Rs. 1,500-crore company hopes to increase its revenue by 25 per cent in the current fiscal.
Vijay Aggarwal, Managing Director, H & R Johnson India, said the ceramic tile market was growing along with the demand for bath fittings and kitchen cabinets. To meet the increasing demand, the company had invested Rs. 225 crore for expanding its ceramic tile manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh from 3 million sq.m to 6 million sq.m.. This was being further expanded to 9 million sq.m by January 2012.

Greenfield projects
The company would also be investing in two new plants at Rajkot in Gujarat. It had already invested Rs. 20 crore during the current fiscal in a joint venture to make 2.3 million sq. m of small tiles. The second one, a greenfield plant, would come up by February 2012 to produce one million sq.m of engineered marble and quartz at an investment of Rs. 50 crore. The company also planned to increase the capacity of industrial tiles, Endura, from 1.5 million sq.m to 2.5 million sq.m by March next year. It would be investing Rs. 35 crore for this expansion plan.
The market for tiles is estimated at Rs.14,000 crore. The share of the unorganised sector is around Rs. 8,000 crore and the balance is the contribution of the organised sector. Of the total organised market, Rs. 5,000 crore came from medium-end products and the balance from top-end products. For H&R Johnson, Marbonite and Johnson tiles contribute 45 per cent of its sales and the balance came from Endura.
The company had introduced digital technology for printing new designs on the ceramic tiles. Mr. Aggarwal was of the view that digital technology would catch up in the ceramic tile market in future.
On the bath fittings division, he said the company was planning to double the capacity of Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) plant. It would be doubling the capacity to 50,000 pieces of taps annually. It was also planning to set up a greenfield project in Jammu to manufacture 50,000 pieces of taps by April next. The revenue from this vertical was Rs. 70 crore last year. This would go up to Rs. 100 crore in the current fiscal, he added.
He said the kitchen cabinet division was started two years ago and was providing one-stop solution to customers. At present, the company had 40 dedicated showrooms. This would go up to 70 in the next six months.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take the right steps when designing your bathroom

Bathroom Fittings
There are many reasons why people like to redesign their bathroom. For some, it may be a welcome change form the old, full appearance of the bathroom. Some others may have moved into a new home and want their bathroom to have a completely new look. While for some, the prospect of attractive returns upon selling their property lures them into bathroom remodelling. It is a fact that bathroom redesigning gives the best investment return compared to any other type of home remodelling. People are now experimenting with bold designs and themes for their bathrooms as they want this space to look entirely unique and special. There are many ways by which you can alter the appearance of your bathroom.
The first step when taking up a bathroom remodelling task would be to get the right bathroom fittings. Bathroom fittings are the heart and soul of your bathroom. Bathroom fittings include sanitary ware, cabinets and countertops. Though getting the right bathroom fittings may not comprise the entire redecoration procedure, it is no doubt an integral part of remodelling. To make your bathroom look lavish, you can replace the cabinets with new ones apart from changing the counter tops to granite.
Once you are done replacing the bathroom fittings, you should start looking for the right tiles for your bathroom. The selection of appropriate tiles would entirely depend on your family members and also your needs and requirements. If you have a job, then you surely would not have time to clean up the tiles everyday. In this case, you would like to have tiles that are anti-stain and scratch free. You can also co-ordinate the colour of your tiles with the walls and get a paint that completely compliments the flooring.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Few reasons why home-owners prefer ceramic tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Many home-owners like to have ceramic tiles for their home flooring. Compared to other types of flooring, ceramic flooring offers a lot of advantages. With so many benefits attached with ceramic tiles, it will be quite irrational if you do not opt for ceramic tiles for your home. Some of the benefits of ceramic tiles are listed below.
Ceramic tiles a have unique appearance to them. By installing ceramic tiles for your home, your home will not just look elegant and sophisticated but these tiles will also add the right colour to your room. Apart from this, ceramic tiles are also known for their durability so you would not have to worry about replacing them for a long time once you have installed them. When you are looking for floor tiles, you surely want tiles that are sturdy and also able to withstand high traffic and pressure apart from the regular wear and tear caused by people walking over the. Ceramic tiles are designed to withstand high pressure and they are an ideal flooring option for washrooms and kitchens.
If you are interested in the history of ceramic tiles, you will be surprised to know that ceramic tiles were first seen on the banks of river Nile. Obviously, they were the more traditional version of ceramic tiles but it just goes on to prove that even the most ancient of civilisations were aware of the various benefits of ceramic tiles. Reports suggest that ancient civilisations used ceramic tiles for their flooring and kilns.
Another great advantage of ceramic tiles is that they are known to be extremely versatile. They have no limitations as to the area of their installation. They can be installed in the kitchen, living room, washroom, kitchen tops and any other surface. Wherever you install ceramic tiles, they will always look good and stylish.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get to know more about taps

Taps are an all important accessory of any bathroom. Bathroom décor comprises an eclectic mix of different styles and designs of taps. Selecting right kind of taps for your bathroom creates a visually pleasing effect, be it a traditionally styled bathroom or a contemporary one. Taps come in attractive finishes and designs and they are considered best in elegance and utility.
Taps are an integral part of bath accessories as they are used for a number of purposes. A bathroom is rendered completely redundant without a proper set of taps. With modern technology making swift strides, taps are designed keeping in mind the latest market trends. Taps are cleverly designed and exhibit an example of utility and simplicity. These pieces blend effortlessly with the theme and colour scheme of your bathroom. If you are wondering about the prices of these exquisite taps, then worry not as these taps are available in the market at affordable rates so you can easily afford them.  Even with low prices, you will not be limited with options as taps come in diverse weights, sizes, finishes and shapes.
If you are looking for designer taps, then cross-water taps are a good option.Cross-water taps have handles that provide a comfortable grip and have smooth finish lustre. Cross-water taps are such that they can be easily handled by the old people as well as the kids. These taps are popular because they come with uniform water release feature and are strictly tested to give an error-free performance, resistance from corrosion, high quality, super design, resistance from abrasion and durability. Apart from taps, mirrors are an all important accessory of any bathroom. Mirrors for bathrooms come in different varieties like frameless mirrors, illuminated mirrors, semi-framed and framed mirrors. The type of mirrors we choose for our bathroom reflects our aesthetic tastes and choices.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tiles- Perfect option for your balcony

Outdoor Tiles

When we buy a home, we always look for an additional outside space like a balcony or a terrace. Though not all of us are lucky enough to have a separate terrace, most of us have balconies attached to our homes. Though many of us do not spare much of a thought in designing the balcony, there are many who take a great amount of interest in designing the balcony. The balcony is considered an even more important space in hot summers when you desperately look for some place to chill and feel good. You may have a small sized balcony or a large one, but the fact remains is that it should be designed in the right way to gather most benefit from it. If your balcony is decorated in a right manner, it will greatly help to reduce the bad effects of any harsh weather conditions.

When it comes to designing the balcony space, the floor and the walls need to be done rightly done as this will influence how the entire atmosphere in the balcony is. For floors and walls of your balcony, tiles are an excellent option. Tiles are mostly made from natural stone. As they are made from natural stone, it helps to keep the surrounding temperature down when there is scorching heat outside. Apart from the cool temperature, tiles are also known to beautify your balcony and add a unique look to it. They will surely augment the appearance of the outdoor space. If you are wondering about the price of tiles, then worry not as tiles are extremely affordable and you can easily purchase them even if you are working on a tight budget. Thus, tiles are a perfect option for the walls and floor of your balcony. There are different types of tiles in various shapes and sizes and patterns if you closely research the market.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Few unique features of ceramic wall tiles

Ceramic Wall Tiles
When it comes to choosing wall tiles, most home-owners always prefer ceramic wall tiles because of the innumerable features they have to offer. Ceramic tiles have a lot of advantages over other wall tiles in terms of both practicality and looks. Though wall tile manufacturers constantly come up with innovative alternatives to various types of wall tiles, they find it much difficult to replicate or come up with something better compared to ceramic wall tiles. Ceramic tiles were popular in the olden days and they still continue to remain popular because of their unique features.

You must be wondering what the so-called features of ceramic wall tiles are. To begin with, ceramic wall tiles are extremely durable. Ceramic wall tiles are endowed with a long shelf life. So once you have fitted ceramic wall tiles for your home, you do not have to worry about replacing your wall tiles for a long period of time. Ceramic wall tiles are designed in a futuristic manner so that they do not lose their appeal over time and continue to look stylish and aesthetic even years after they have been installed. Another great feature about ceramic wall tiles is that they are designed to be water-proof. So they are a great tiling option in places like bathrooms and kitchens where the flooring and the walls are subjected to frequent moisture. Ceramic wall tiles will not retain moisture easily. Ceramic wall tiles are also known to be resistant to stains and marks. Thus, they are a safe option in the kitchen where the walls are prone to catching marks and stains. Another feature that makes ceramic wall tiles extremely desirable is the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting creative with your ceramic tiles

Ceramic Tiles
You may be thinking of installing ceramic tiles for your home but must be wondering whether these tiles will add a new look to your home or just look like the conventional tiles. There are many ways you can give a artistic and a creative touch to your ceramic tiles. If you really want to play around with the design of your ceramic tiles, then one easy and affordable option you have is hand-painting them.
If you are wondering whether hand painting will do a good job for your ceramic tile, then worry not as ceramic tiles look amazingly wonderful once they have been hand-painted. Hand-painting ceramic tiles are the most popular method of decorating your ceramic tiles. Once your ceramic tiles are hand-painted, then it just not adds to the aesthetic value of your home but also greatly increases its resale value. All you need to do is put some effort to ensure you get a handsome price when you finally sell of your home. Your home may consist of different parts like the living area, stair risers, counter-tops, fountains, patios, floor accents, display windows apart from wall coverings. Having the flooring for these places will hand-painted ceramic tiles will surely add a new dimension to each of the place. When it comes to hand-painting your ceramic tiles, you can get as creative as possible and paint from anything right from abstract images, geometric shape, ancient designs, historic pictures, Egyptian hieroglyphics apart from Mayan stone carvings. 
You may be surprised to know that hand-painting ceramic tiles has developed into a full-fledged hobby for many people and people like to hone their skills into becoming professional painters in a bid to express their thoughts and imagination.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two simple ways to revamp your kitchen

Kitchen Wall Tiles
 You may have watched innumerable TV shows demonstrating how to design your kitchen the right way. Though you may be excited looking at the different designs presented in the show, you really are clueless as to how to proceed with those designs for your kitchen. For starters, there are simple things you can do that can really augment the look and feel of your kitchen. There are a lot of do-it-yourself and self help ideas which can surely assist you in decorating your kitchen the way you want to do it. Here are some easy tips on how to give your kitchen that unique look.

Kitchen walls
Your kitchen walls play an important part in how your kitchen looks on an overall basis. The first step in giving your kitchen a whole new look is by changing the appearance of the walls. It is also the simplest step as you do not have to spend a bomb and it does not even involve a lot of hassles. You can give your kitchen walls a whole new look by going for a new paint or simply opting for a latest design wall paper. Be it paint or the wall paper, they help to create a unique ambience in the kitchen. Once you are done with the walls, you can then safely proceed with designing the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen Island
If you are blessed with a larger sized kitchen, then you can always incorporate a kitchen island into your kitchen. The added space in your kitchen can be used for small food preparations or casual gatherings. A kitchen island always helps to smoothen out traffic in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen space, then you can go for a kitchen cart that occupies minimum space and is functional too.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting right tools to clean industrial tiles

Industrial Tiles
Industrial tiles are a lot more different from the standard tiles that we see in homes and other commercial spaces. Industrial tiles or the standard tiles, you must have noticed that tiles began to lose their sheen after some time. They do not look the way they used to when they were installed. You may mop the floor several tiles with all the cleaners present in the market, but somehow the sheen does not come back completely. After certain point of time you tend to give up and let the floors remain as they are.Industrial tiles need to be maintained properly as industrial spaces go through a lot of rough activities and this may harm the tiles or permanently stain them. The first thing while purchasing tiles for industrial spaces is to see that they have a good shelf life unaffected by the regular dents and stain marks. For industrial tiles, many people prefer to go it simple and use a normal vacuum cleaner to clean the tiles. After the vacuuming, a drained mop is used to get rid of the remaining dust. But while using the wet mop, you are scared. There is a danger that that water may seep in to the tiles causing the flooring to swell.
Floor buffers
If you want to be assured of the beauty and the long lasting ability of your industrial tiles, then it makes sense to go for a floor buffer. You must have probably heard of a floor buffer earlier and chances are that you may know a few people who have already gained the benefits of installing a floor buffer. Floor buffers are quite common in markets. Floor buffers for industrial tiles might look difficult to use, but the reality is that they are quite simple to use. While using floor buffers for industrial tiles, always use a new pad every time you take up cleaning the floor. For tough surfaces, you can use cutting pads. For a wooden surface, a finishing pad will do the job well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kitchen counter-tops- Different materials to choose from

Kitchen Countertops
There are so many options you have when looking for kitchen counter-tops.Kitchen counter-tops are manufactured in different materials like stone, corian, quartz and laminate. Natural stone remains a popular choice when it comes to choosing the material for kitchen counter-tops. The functionality and beauty of stone counter-tops easily makes them a preferred choice for kitchen counter-tops. However, other materials are also popular. They are further explained below.

A large range of Kitchen counter tops are manufactured in quartz material. Many popular brands produce kitchen counter-tops in quartz material. Counter-tops made from quartz material are known to be sturdier than granite and are also resistant to most types of bacteria. There are also different colour options when it comes to choosing counter-tops in quartz material and you can easily select the colour of your choice. Quartz, as a material is known to be homogenous and have a firm and tight graining pattern. Some manufacturers also provide quartz counter tops in colour's which might not be available in natural stone. 

Corian is another solid material that is used to produce kitchen counter-tops. Many people are unaware about the features of corian material but it is also an extremely good material for kitchen counter-tops. Counter-tops made from corian are known to be resistant to staining and this material does not require sealing. Another good thing about corian material is that it can be moulded into any shape and thus you can get a sink and a counter-top in whatever shape you want. This flexibility of having the counter-tops in any shape is not given by any other material.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two simple ways to save space in your home

Home renovation is a much debated subject. What designs one may like for their home may be completely detested by another. When it comes to designing small homes, you need to extra careful as even a small mistake can end up making the home look claustrophobic. Not all of us are blessed with large homes but one should not lose heart just because your home has small space. There are many things you can do that can create an illusion of a larger area. Some of these things are explained below...


The first thing you need to do is get rid of all those unwanted things that are unnecessarily acquiring space in the room. Get a large box, dump in all the items that are not needed and be super specific about what accessories and artefacts adorn the room. When you cut down on the number of accessories in the room, it creates a lot of free space and this gives your room a neat appearance. You will be amazed at the amount of space saved but removing all the unwanted accessories. 

Do away with window treatments

If your room size is small, absolutely avoid going for large, bulky window treatments for your room windows. These bulky window treatments not just block out the limited light entering your room but also eat up a lot of space in the room. Instead of the window treatments, you can simply opt for light curtains, blinds or shutters. They do not take a lot of space and also provide right amount of privacy required in the room. If you are flexible with your budgets, then you can also go for custom designed blinds for your windows. You can choose the material, size and the shape of the blinds that you want for your windows. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tiles for industrial spaces

Industrial Flooring
Industrial flooring has to be chosen wisely as it will be drawing a huge number of footfalls. The flooring for industrial spaces has to be durable enough to last for a long time without getting spoilt.

Unlike the olden days, when there were limited options for industrial flooring, the market is now buzzing with a variety of industrial flooring types available. There are different types of industrial flooring available, in diverse textures, materials and designs. It is important that you select an appropriate type of tiles for your industrial space. Tiles meant for a hospital would not be suitable for a restaurant or a shopping mall.

Factors to consider 
Before you start looking for tiles for your industrial space, you need to get answers to a few questions. You have to first decide what type of industrial space need to be tiled, what will be the type of usage of the tiles- whether the flooring will attract a lot of traffic throughout day or will there be heavy traffic only at certain periods. You also need to determine how often you will be cleaning the floor tiles. If you plan to clean the tiles once in a week, then it is good to opt for stain-free tiles. You also need to chalk out how often will you be changing the tiles and what extent of durability are you looking at. Lastly, you have to figure out what extent of moisture will the tiles be subjected to. If the flooring will be subjected to a high amount of moisture, then it makes no sense to opt for tiles that have high water absorption rates.

Industrial tiles from Endura
Industrial tiles from Endura come with a lot of features and benefits. They are designed to withstand a high amount of traffic and also have an abrasion free surface apart from being anti-skid. If you are looking for industrial tiles, then look for Endura tiles marketed under H & R Johnson (India).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tiles and balconies...

Outdoor Tiles
When the summer temperatures reach a zenith, you always look for cooler pastures where you can just relax yourself. For people who have small gardens in their home, it is good thing as they get to soak in the coolness of the trees and plants. However, those who cannot have a garden in their home, have to look for other alternatives. Terraces and balconies are places which provide them some respite from the sweltering heat. Balconies and terraces are wonderful apartment facilities. With little thinking and effort, you can transform your small balcony or terrace into a calm and cool oasis. However, before you decide to remodel your balcony, you need to have a clear understanding of what will be required for the decoration.

Tiles for balconies

When you look forward to decorate your terrace or balcony, tiles are a great option for the flooring of these spaces. If you are a budget spender and looking for cost effective options to decorate your balcony, then tiles are a great option. Within a small budget, you can redecorate your balcony without having to compromise on the décor of the balcony. Another great thing about tiles is that they are extremely durable and once you install them for your balcony floors and walls, you do not have to worry for a long time to come. Tiles will not break or deform easily and are known to be extremely durable.
With tiles, your balcony or the terrace will remain cool in hot summers. This is because most tiles are made up of stone which helps to keep the surface temperature pleasing. Hence, tiles are an ideal flooring option for your balconies and terraces.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marble tiles for your flooring...

Marble Tiles
Deciding on a perfect home renovation plan can be a tricky task for most home-makers. A lot of things have to be decided when you take up remodelling of your home. Things like what colour to be used for painting the walls, what type of furniture should be purchased, what kind of upholstery should be used are just a few of the things which need attention when you take up home renovation. Apart from these things, one thing that needs attention is the flooring of your home. When choosing the flooring for your home, you have different options to choose from. You can opt for solid hardwood flooring or marble tiles. Both have their unique features and qualities. While wood flooring lends your home a more classic look, marble flooring will give it a more chic appearance.

Marble tiles

Marble tiles are a preferred option for flooring among many home-owners. If you are confused about the quality of marble tiles, then a fact to note is that marble tiles are superior in quality compared to most other tiling options. Marble is a naturally occurring stone and thus it is stronger than most other materials. Marble tiles are also sometimes better than ceramic tiles. Before installation, ceramic tiles have to be glazed as they have a porous surface. However, this is not the case with marble tiles. Their installation is simple compared to ceramic tiles.
When looking for marble tiles, Marbonite is a trusted brand. Marbonite, the arm of H & R Johnson, a worldwide recognised company, specialises in the production of marble tiles in different forms, shapes and colours. You can find the tiles of your choice and like as Marbonite offers a wide range of tiles.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wall tiles for your home

Wall Tiles
Home decor is a tricky subject. What may look aesthetic to one person may be entirely distasteful to another. When you look to redesign your home interiors, you should follow your instincts rather than blindly following others’ advice.

Your house walls are a fundamental part of your home. You must be aware that people like to paint their walls in all different hues and colours to add that extra zing to their rooms. Many people also like to have mismatched colours and different textures for their walls. A new trend that is emerging is tiles for wall decoration. Wall tiles look aesthetic and give a sober yet beautiful appearance to the wall. Wall tiles come in a range of textures, designs and colours. Such is the range that you will never feel short of choices while looking for wall tiles. With wall tiles, you can create different appeals like of a metallic look or a crystal look for the wall. Some of the types of wall tiles are explained below.

Metallic wall tiles

Metallic tiles, which are prepared from stainless steel, are used in residential as well as commercial spaces. They add a degree of luxury to the walls. Metallic wall tiles come in a range of varieties and as a user, you will never fall short of options. There is a very prominent use of different colours while making metallic tiles. You can find metallic tiles in all sorts of hues.

Adhesive wall tiles

In a bid to make the installation procedure simpler, adhesive wall tiles come with an in-built layer of adhesive and also a built-in grout. Self-adhesive wall tiles have a smooth and silky appearance and no produce much mess while installing them on the walls. Adhesive wall tiles can be installed by you even if you do not have much knowledge about wall fittings. You will just have to take measurements, remove the protective paper, thus exposing the adhesive and put it on the wall. Adhesive wall tiles are resistant to humidity and heat and have no restrictions on the place of installation.